Monday, February 25, 2008

Check out MyLiveSignature

I found a new site that allows you to quasi-replicate your own signature on blogs, websites and emails. I'm trying it out here.

Ok! Ok! So my signature is actually a great deal sloppier! asks you to type in the name or nickname you want to use. You then get to choose from 120 computer generated "fonts"; you also get to choose a size, the "ink" color and the slant of your "signature". Here's my first name:

Wow! After perusing the website for awhile, I learned that my options include the signature wizard (as noted above)or scanning my own signature to send to the site for a real live person to hand code (for some money). Who'd have thought there was a market for signatures?

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Jimmy Jarred said...

I tried this option to add a signature on my blog. As I am new to it I find it little difficult to explore all the option. I wanted to add an image into my signature.
digital signature FAQ