Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Mindful purring

Since I've blogged about our basset, Zeke, I need to give our cat, Zak (short for Zachariah Tailchaser) a blog debut as well. Zak can be very affectionate, especially when it gets close to "time to wake up and feed me" early in the morning. You'd be surprised how quickly one can move when eighteen pounds of purring cat lands on a full bladder. After eating catfood and drinking milk, Zak's next most favorite activity is sleeping on top of me while I'm trying to read. He also enjoys sitting on a meditation cushion with me. He's probably closer to enlightenment than I am, if his mindful purring is any indication.

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diane cooter said...


I can relate to this blog in several ways.

1. my cat looks like she could be your cats sister. My cats name is Picabo (like Picabo Street)We gave her that name because when we saw her in her cage at the pound she was the only one cat to open her eye and look at us and then go back to sleep. She still does that.

2. Wake up time for our cat is 6:00 a.m. on the dot. If I don't want to get up then she starts lobbying by walking across the bed back and forth and then she sits on me. She then follows me to the bathroom and if I take too long she stops nudging me and beginns to nip me. It have learned to hurry when I get up to keep her happy.

She doesn't like to sit on my lap much now but winter is coming and I am sure that will begin again. But she does like to sit infront of the computer screen when I am typing something especially reports. Maybe that is why I don't catch some of those spelling mistakes.

diane c from syracuse