Monday, June 20, 2005

Well, wadda ya know?

I've been spending some time getting to know myself a little better by sporadically filling out my profile page. You know - stuff like "favorite movies", "interests", "favorite music". When I finally decided to look at my partially completed user profile, I discovered that those interests, movies and types of music that I had entered were clickable and actually would take me to the profiles of fellow afficianados. Much to my suprise, there were numerous individuals who had listed the operas Carmen and Aida. Even more amazingly, there was one person who had also listed Tanglefoot as a favorite group and one who had likewise listed the Sons of the Neverwrong. I first heard both of these musical groups at the Oswego Music Hall several years ago. Both are from the sub-genre of folk music which meant to me that it was likely no one on Blogger had heard of them. Well, wadda ya know? I was wrong!

Not only that, but I discovered blogger profiles for such classic movies as Duel in the Sun and The African Queen. It looks like I've found a host of compatriot spirits online. I'll try and contact some and see where we go from here.


Anonymous said...


Put your blog in my favorites

Anonymous said...

didn't mean to be anonymous Marion